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Our Company...

JUDY BOOKS Ministries is a small Christian owned business with a big vision. Christ is our center. Young people are our motivation. 

By helping children develop and improve their relationships with Christ, and by helping them retain their language and writing skills, we promote the intellectual and spiritual growth of each child. Products offered by JUDY BOOKS Ministries make positive contributions to young people as they cultivate high self esteem, as they become life-long learners, and as they achieve their highest potential.

To this end, our products are designed to be fun, formative, informative, stimulating, and challenging.

Our Mission...

We will provide platforms on which young people can build self esteem as they recognize and appreciate their own intellect, imagination, creativity, and spirituality.

We will strive to become a flagship creative and recreational destination for young people - and for those adults who are responsible for young people.

We will value our customers - and be a value to our customers so that we can create generational customer relationships locally, nationally, and internationally.

We will be socially responsible so that we are a credit to the communities we serve.