GET THE WORD Bible Trivia/Activity Game ©is a timed, tag-team, open book competition that can be played from the parlor to the park.

Designed for ages 6 to infinity, this game is played with the Kings James Version of the Bible and a concordance - the more comprehensive the better- so that players can learn that the use of the Bible concordance and the scriptural references printed in their Bibles are valuable study tools.

The object of this competition is to gain points by following instructions from physical activity cards and scriptural requirement cards. Teams of players are formed... as many as you like. Then they square off against each other as members of the teams take turns answering trivia questions. Each team has five minutes answer as many questions as possible to build points.

The physical activity cards are the "Get The Word" cards. These cards indicate how the players will move toward the "open book" to get the answers to the Bible trivia questions. If you decide not to use these activity cards, this adaptable game becomes a "table" or "parlor" game. As a parlor game, it can be played by teams or individuals as competitors,

There are two levels of difficulty for the scriptural requirements. "Bread Upon Water" cards have the easier requirements, so they are worth 5 points. "Stones in the Land" cards present the harder requirement, so they are worth 15 points. The cards that offer the largest number of points also take longest to answer and will quickly use up the five minute time limit. 

Players will be challenged to spell, to find scriptures about Biblical characters, and to have knowledge about the Books of the Bible. There are also math challenges, so a pencil and paper might be needed.

A numbered Answer Key is also provided to match the numbered requirement cards. The Answer Key offers (some of the many) correct answer options.

This game is also written in Spanish,"OBTEN la PALABRA ©"​​

So, along with the game rules, here is what you get:

*130 Bread Upon Water question cards

*130 Stones in the Land question cards

* Get The Word Activity cards

*Answer Key

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