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Welcome, Parents, Teachers, Mentors, and Friends!

Thank you for coming. There are a lot of good things here that will help you entertain, instruct, guide, and yes, gauge the aptitudes, attitudes and abilities of young people (of all ages.)

JUDY BOOKS  are story books that children make up, hand-write, and illustrate themselves. And this is where you get all you need to help your kids become the authors and illustrators of their own books.  

Get your JUDY BOOKS Writer's Kits which come standard with paper, a great assortment of crafts, "eyes", and a child friendly hole puncher, along with a story from the JUDY BOOKS story collection!

And here is where you can also order additional Accessories Packs of crafts, and assorted designer Hole Punchers. Not only that, but, this is the exclusive location for you to purchase our exquisite handmade signature Wobbly Knobbly Whimsical Pencils!

This is also the place where you get the creatively illustrated Christian Youth Forum Handbook, Second Edition ©.

The  Christian Youth Forum Handbook, Second Edition is a guideline for the establishment and maintenance of Christian Youth Forums as an auxiliary youth ministry in churches. It has more than 30 formatted forums, more than 150 contemporary questions with Biblical answers, over 2000 topical Kings James Version reference scriptures, a glossary/concordance and much more. 

And... Here is where you can purchase the new and exciting GET THE WORD Bible Trivia/Activity Game©.

GET THE WORD is an open book, tag-team activity/ trivia competition that can be played from the parlor to the park. This fun game will test the players' knowledge of the Bible stories and Biblical characters, books of the Bible, spelling, math, and much, much more.

***Order this game in Spanish... OBTEN la PALABRA ©


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