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Judy learns the value of belonging to a family.

Judy learns the danger of following bad examples.

Judy has to overcome selfishness.

Judy learns about Special Needs

 Judy struggles with temptation in her classroom.

 Judy learns to appreciate members of  the Armed Forces. 

Judy learns who is - and who is not - a stranger. 

​Where Imagination is the BIGGEST Nation in the World!

JUDY BOOKS, designed for ages 5 and up, are 3-D story books that kids make up, hand-write, and illustrate themselves. And this is where you get all you need to help your kids become the authors and illustrators of their own JUDY BOOKS.

Get JUDY BOOKS Writer's Kits. Each kit comes with paper, an assortment of colorful, thought provoking illustrator crafts and stickers, craft eyes, yarn and a child-friendly hole puncher. These will vary from kit to kit. Some parts in the kits are small enough to present a choking hazard, so adult supervision is recommended. Also included in each writer's kit is a story from the JUDY BOOKS Story Collection. These are prints of books that have been handwritten and illustrated with crafts such as are packaged in the writer's kits. They are great examples of how easy JUDY BOOKS are to make. The stories are not sold separately.

Stories in the collection are about a little Christian girl, named Judy, who tries very hard to behave according to what she learns in Sunday School. Sometimes her decisions are the right ones; but sometimes they get her into trouble. But there is a lesson to be learned in each story. 

Let your kids come along with Judy as she tries to live by the lessons she learned in Sunday School. Then, let them use the writer's kits to create their own characters, write about them, and create their own book collection. JUDY BOOKS are always easy for kids to make. 

Get extra JUDY BOOKS Accessories packs for a greater assortment of crafts that will make dynamically illustrated books. Also get specially designed hole punchers to punch out awesome customized illustrations. And young trend setters can customize their experience by using special hand painted JUDY BOOKS Knobbly Wobbly Whimsical Pencils!

And get the JUDY BOOKS Party Bundle which includes two complete Accessories packs, a hole puncher, extra eyes, "hair", and a variety of other illustration crafts. Bundles are great for JUDY BOOKS parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, sleep-overs or any other occasion where creative children gather. Just give your kids pencils and glue and let their imagination take over.

Here is what you do... When you order Writer's Kits just indicate which JUDY BOOKS story you want inside your kit.  Each kit comes with a hole puncher, but you can also order a specially designed hole punchers.