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The​  Christian Youth Forum Handbook, Second Edition © is a guideline for establishing and maintaining youth forums as an auxiliary Christian church ministry. The Handbook is structured so that young people can use a specially designed program guide to organize and host the forums with limited adult supervision or intervention.

There are 32 formatted, illustrated, age appropriate forums in The  Christian Youth Forum Handbook, Second Edition ©. Each forum poses contemporary questions, and affords Bible based answers with scriptural references. These forums are platforms from which young Christians can speak and listen, learn and teach. They present an opportunity for young people to be free to ask hard questions, express unpopular opinions, and be wrong, as they air their concepts and misconceptions among their peers. Then, if necessary, they can be reeducated and encouraged in their Christian growth by their peers. This handbook is a tool for young Christians to use as they engage in Biblical discussion, enhance their own Biblical knowledge, and most importantly, minister to each other. ​

Ever versatile, this handbook that is designed for "in church" ministry can be used anywhere young people are. It can effortlessly enhance the curriculum in Christian boarding schools, in Christian Home Schools, and it can easily be used in group homes and halfway houses. While at home, it can be used at family Bible study and as subject matter at family gatherings.

This is what you will find inside:

*A sample program guide

*Specially designed forms for monitoring the Christian youth forum ministry

*Participant responsibilities

*32 formatted forums designed for children ages 6 and over

*Forum to forum cross-reference sections

*Over 2000 topical Kings James Version reference scriptures

*Biblical answers for more than 170 contemporary questions

*Questions asked and answered... listed by forum

*10 page, 260 word glossary/concordance

*Forum specific lists of Biblical characters entitled, "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?"

*Information on SALVATION and FAITH

*Lists of suggested topics for other forums, specifically including topics for "Boys Only" and "Girls Only" forums